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PICO Swift


Industrial Designer


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Industrial Design

PICO Swift is essentially a 6DoF tracker which contains the vibration motors inside. By connecting to Swift, VR devices can obtain more user action gestures, and cooperate with corresponding games and applications to enhance the user's VR experience.


Project Background:

  • VR mobile games' movements are controlled by controller, which can easily cause dizziness;

  • Interactive games or social networking games, multiplayer cinema, and virtual internet celebrities can only do some simple actions through the controller, and the action experience is not rich enough;

  • Controllers cannot accurately display the user's motion information for sports games, and cannot support actions such as running, kicking a ball, cycling, etc.

Swift本质是一款装有震动马达的6DoF Tracker。VR设备通过连接Swift,可以获得更多用户活动姿态,配合对应的游戏和应用提升用户的VR体验。



  • VR移动类6DOF游戏控制使用手柄摇杆移动或者瞬移,容易造成眩晕体验;

  • 交互类游戏如社交,多人影院,虚拟主播,只能通过手柄做一些简单的动作,动作体验不够丰富;

  • 体育类游戏使用手柄无法准确显示用户的运动信息,且不能支持如跑步,踢球,骑自行车等动作运动类游戏。

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